Magnets and EOT Cranes
Our designs has been proven time to time in steel-making facilities. Our special easy to maintain designs of equipments provide maximum benefits to the shop floor people, operators & the maintenance crew for easy going of the process. We offer easy maintenance, high rate of production, smooth controls & a wide operational crew for specific needs of the each customer along with user friendly designs.

Our engineering capabilities, design flexibility and highly durable cranes have made a difference for Steel plants nationwide.
We bring excellent safety record to our design of Cranes For Steel Plants as well as our extensive experience and knowledge of such applications.  Our group has a firm believe in designing a highly qualitative products engineered to the lowest maintenance cost & least downtime Task specific equipments of following unlimited range is available with us:

  • As per as Indian Standard IS:807& IS:3177
  • Capabilities up to 300 Ton
  • Customized special purpose Cranes in accordance to customer specification and application
  • These are class IV, Extra Heavy Duty Cranes suitably designed for C operations.
  • For continuous material handling, which sets the highest performance requirements

Our Electro Magnets transport steel scrap in scrap processing yards, steel industries and foundries. It can handle tons of scrap continuously throughout the day.
These Magnets are used for loading and unloading of steel scrap, steel turning, Billets,, boom, pig iron etc from trucks. These are also used to charge the furnace directly.
We make Magnets as per the Size and Specifications provided by our customer.