Hot Metal Rolling Mills
The company has been providing turn-key solutions for rolling mills, from designing, manufacturing and mill commissioning for Bars and Sections.

A R Group (part of Hindok Exports Ltd.) designs, manufactures and supplies rolling mill equipment to its own designs as well as per client’s designs and specifications, ensuring complete responsibility and guarantee for attaining the earmarked targets with quality material and first class workmanship.

Rolling Mills are supplied on turn-key basis which calls for a wide range of activities like preparation of feasibility project reports, lay out planning, design, manufacture & supply of equipment to successful trial run of the mill.

For Finished Products Like:

  • Round Bars
  • TMT/QST Bars
  • Section
  • Wire Rods

Bar Mills (TMT Rods)
Bar mills are set up to produce TMT/QST rods from sizes 8mm to 40mm.In these plants the raw material used are Billets. The Billet is passed through various stands to get the desired shape and size. The Bar is then passed through a Quenching system for quenching and self tempering to increase the strengths of the bars. We take up projects for Bar Mills upto 5000,000 TPA.

Structural Mills

We undertake projects for Section Mills for products like Channels, Angels, Beams, and Squares etc. We have commissioned many such projects on turn-key basis across India & Overseas.

Turn Key Projects

We also take up projects of Bar Mills And with backward integration on turnkey basis.
Various technologies of Mill Stand for Steel Rolling
Fiber Type Mill Stand:
Salient Features

  • Compact and simple design
  • Ensure Quick Roll Changing
  • Independent Operation of screw up/ down mechanism on Drive and Non Drive Ends.
  • Minimum maintenance and Down Time.

Bearing Type Mill Stands:

Keyword of our equipment is reliability, ruggedness and ease of operation and maintenance. The salient features of our mill stands are that these are compact and simple design. They ensure quick Roll changing and they are minimum maintenance.

Technical Specification:

  • 3Hi Stands and 2H stands
  • Center roll Fixed Fiber Type Stands
  • Bearing Type Stands
  • Mill Stands Ranging from 6” PCD to 24 PCD
  • C.I. Casted stands
  • Steel Fabricated Stands
  • Steel Casted Stands

Housing Mill Stands:
Pre stressed stands are present generation stands known to their consistency I maintaining stock sizes. They have the advantage of both closed top of rigidity open top, of easiness in roll changing. These are available in both sizes 3 Hi as well as2Hi configurations. Housing less stands for high productive mills offer best solutions to roll change time. These are conceptually of cassette design and the roll change is reduced to almost 10 to 15 minutes.

Stands with Horizontal and Vertical Rolls:

These stands bare called universal stands, are two, there and four high with the addition of one or two pairs of vertical rolls for the latest reduction of the place. Mills with such stands are used: (a) As slabbing mills which reduce billets to slabs (b) As a universal mill for rolling wide strip (C) As a mill for rolling wider angle beams

Post Rolling Process

There are various levels of automation for handling of rolled produces; these are post selling processes from cutting of the rolled producer up to full automation heading the products to dispatch vehicles.
Post Rolling shears are used to cut the rolled product into the desired sizes and are customized on the basis of the speed. They are then moved on to the automatic cooling bed through twin channels or braking sides.  
Post this there are various ----------- ons such as bar counting machines, bartying machines, chain transfers and short bar ejector systems.
Magnetic Mechanism is used for ejection of short bars, similar magnetic mechanism is used for loading of finished products o to the dispatch vehicle.
We provide complete solutions for post Rolling processes and expertise in converting manual handling of bars to automatic handling.


Flying Shears finds their use in cutting purpose of bars.
Our shear machines are subject to customization on basis of specification.
………. To manufacture the most advanced and highly accurate flying shears, we are known for the quality and performance of these machines.

Range of Shears

  • Start stop flying shear
  • Continuously operating flying shear
  • Crank Type start-stop flying shear
  • Gob and Cobble shear
  • Cold shears

Advanced Rolling Technologies at AR Group

  1. Slit Rolling for car & wire rod mills up to 4 times slitting including details roll pass schedule slit grinders and layout arrangement
  2. Connection between Billet alter and rolling mill
  3. Design of Hot and Cold charging furnaces
  4. Endless Rolling Design and arrangement of welding system
  5. …………..arrogance for pass schedule for ………………….section mills
  6. Design for housing, horizontal , vertical and convertible stands

Wire Rod at 80m/sec

Gears & Gears Boxes

A.R.Groups (P) Ltd. Is a dedicated gear box division, and is known as the leading and most accurate gear and gear box manufacturer in India.
Known for their reliability and performance these gear boxes are well designed to meet the industrial applications for various purposes with the combination of design and engineering excellence.  We are well equipped to design customized gear boxes. Our European base of machines gives accuracy and ensures quality performance of these designs.

We Provide:

  • Rolling Mills
  • Sugar Plants
  • Cement industry
  • Paper mills
  • Sponge iron

Range of Gear Boxes:

  1. Hollow gear box
  2. Warm Gear Box
  3. Bovel Gear Box
  4. Planetary Gear Box