Electrical Motors & Cables Exporter/Supplier Ludhiana, Punjab
Electrical Motors & Cables
Hindok Exports offers a wide range of quality electric motors based on the best product specifications in the business and with full technical documentation from Reputed Global Brands that meet the customer Requirement.

We have been supplying Electrical Cables to our Customers which are sourced from Reputed Indian Brands that meet the International Standards


Single Core Power Cable with Copper or Aluminum conductors from 2.5 Sq. mm to 400 Sq. mm armored or unarmored with GI Wire/ Strip & also non magnetic material and overall PVC sheathed.

Two, three or four core cables with Copper or Aluminum conductors solid or stranded from 2.5 Sq. mm to 185 Sq. mm.

Three and a half core power cables with stranded Copper or Aluminum conductor from 25 Sp. mm to 400 Sq. mm.

Armored / Unarmored control cables single to 61 core of 1.5 Sq. mm and 2.5 Sq. mm with Copper or Aluminum conductors solid or stranded.

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